The first thought that comes to mind when thinking of having an event is its management. Don’t worry! We take care of all types of events while arranging services for you. The ambience is created so as to match exactly what your event is all about. From corporate meetings to private parties or theme parties, we’ve got our hands on each one. At Andaman Leisure we can accommodate and handle any group size with different categories of rooms.

The limitation of four walls is broken to have events under infinite skies. Special attention is given to events as we believe ‘a single event can awaken us and change a person’s approach to life.

We offer customized Corporate and Incentive travel solutions, along with Event Management. We follow a client focused planning approach and work as an extension of our clients Marketing, Human Resource and Communications teams to achieve better corporate objectives.

Let us know your requirement and we will ensure the best services for you.


To be inspired you must surround yourself with inspiring things – Andaman is a destination with all the positive vibes for you all around. The most inspiring nature becomes a part of your gathering when you conduct a conference with Andaman Leisure. Every event has a purpose and we see to it that your purpose is achieved. The complete environment required for motivation and professionalism is created for you as per your requirements.

Training Program

There is lot of intensity and exercise required for training, either physical or mental. Confidence comes from discipline and training. Nature in the surrounding is the most inspiring element. Andaman being in the lap of nature proves to be the encouraging part of training. Many activities and team participation will give the training that will prove invaluable in career.

We take the entire responsibility of ensuring that your expectations are met with us.


Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same. Any discussion over a topic can lead to great change in a person or organization about their views towards a goal. To gather for such a discussion and presentation, the place should be as effective as the goal. Conduct your seminar with the pioneer in hospitality and class so that your goal of conducting one is achieved and is easy for your leader too.

Dealer Program

When the wheels of your brand/organization come together who have been rolling your business throughout, treat them with the finest nature and give them a feeling of being royal.

Board Meeting

After a year of dealing with market strategies, when it’s time to discuss profit and loss with board of directors, have the relaxing environment for peace of mind and body. Plan your year ahead with fresh mind to give fresh ideas and strategies to your company.

What we organise:
  • Conferences and Reward programmes for employees
  • Team Building Activities
  • Soft Trekking
  • Adventure Sports activities
  • Gala Night with Musical events.
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